Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Wills Canyons to Rice Canyon
February 19, 2018
We did a spur of the moment hike up Wills Canyon and down Rice in the Ojai Land Conservancy Preserve.  The wind had been blowing on and off all day and we could see ash clouds in the distance toward the Topa Topas.  It was a fresh, easy, crisp day and we enjoyed the light in the late afternoon.
We are noticing a lot more green on this trek and even though the skeleton sumac trees really stand out we acknowledge and are thankful for anything green.  Deer are grazing on the grass and we see and hear quail along the way. 
The stalwart oak trees, nothing but charred blackened limbs, are sprouting giant green leaves from their larger trunks.  And even though the green leaves are sparse we are humbled by their spirit to live.  We trek by with encouraging words and healing thoughts.
We notice an odd trail sign, somewhat melted telling us that Valley View and Shelf Road trails are one way and Fox is another, I'm thinking the Rice and Wills signs melted off this recycled sign!
The Ventura River is still running and after so many years of drought we are always thrilled to have to rock hop across it or wade as the case may be. The dogs love it too and bask in the water regardless of the wind which is a wee bit chilly.
Happy Presidents Day!
Beth & Laura
Bodee & Luci

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