Wednesday, March 14, 2018
February 28, 2018
Fox Canyon Back Through Luci

Winter hit with a vengeance and it was 27 degrees when I got in the car.  We like to get to the trail head just before the sun peaks out over the mountains so we get the luminous glow of the dawn.  This makes getting up before the crack of way before dawn worthwhile for us.
The Fox Trail is not one of those luxurious trails that starts off slow with easy hiking.  Switchbacks zigzag  straight away off of Shelf Road and it's a big climb up.  We were shedding layers pretty quickly.  Fox Canyon is a lesson in fire consumption and debris flow basins.  The Thomas Fire burned through here with a vengeance leaving rocky ridges and abutments the sole survivors in it's path.  Hiking this trail backward from the Luci to Fox trail gives us new perspective.

The debris flow channels seem so ominous and we can't help feel that a moderate to large rainstorm will bring major trouble.  Everyone should be prepared for mudslides for the next few years.
We can see the Luci Trail on the opposite side of the canyon and it looks like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride as it winds up the naked ridge. 

The Wild Cucumber is growing with wild abandon and robustness.  Blue Dicks are blooming and a lovely pink flowering plant.  We are always encouraged by green.

The sun is high in the sky now and we get a view of our valley from the top.  Looking across the valley to Sulphur Mountain Road, to the hike we took last week, that was so different from our hike today.  It is hard to embrace the burn but we are trying.  We visited the "Scorched Souls" exhibit at the Ojai Museum and were very moved by the creativeness of our Ojai Studio Artists.  The Thomas Fire has affected us all in different ways; some like us lost the woods, some lost houses and some lost loved ones.  We are all grieving and trying to move forward.  We are thankful we live in a place where people care.
Hike with Thoughtfulness,
Beth & Laura
Bodee & Lucy

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