Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Luci to Fox Loop Trail
March 28, 2018

Two weeks have passed since we trekked on a Wednesday morning because we had some rain and then I got sick, but we are back on the trail and the scene has changed.  There is an abundance of greenery, mostly grasses and ground cover, but it's lovely to hike in and we soak it up in the early morning light.

Rocks and burned trees really stand out amongst the green and the landscape portrays a paradox of life and death.   The wild cucumber, one of the first plants to return to the terrain,  can be found climbing everywhere with an proliferation of blooms.

There are California Poppies ready to burst into bloom and we expect that Lupine won't be far behind.  The slot and debris channels stand out in blazing glory that one day, when we get a big storm,  will be full to bursting with rocks, mud, water, ash and tree limbs.

The view of the Ojai Valley is spectacular from the back of the canyon and we realize what a beautiful place we live in even though we have been here for over 30 years.  Like the Pink Moment we never get tired of it's glory.

Hike with a Spring in your step!

Beth & Laura
Bodee & Lucy

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